Reaction Paper Self Concept

Angela Foster Reaction Paper Communications 11/26/2010 “Self – concept is such a powerful force on the personality that it not only determines how you see youself in the present but also can influence you future behavior and that of others. Such occurences come about through a phenomenon called the self-fulfilling prophecy.
A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a person’s expectations of an event, and his or her subsequent behavior based on those expectations, make the event more likely to occur than would otherwise be true” (57).Self-fulfilling prophecy is a very powerful source on your personality. For me this is basically just positive thinking, and if you think you will do well then you will. For example, when I first started school, I really didn’t know how to study, and for my first psychology test I went in totally unprepared. I lacked confidence because I was unprepared and nervous because I hadn’t studied much, and when I went in to take the test I just knew that I would not do very well. It was no surprise to me when I got my test back that I had failed it.I knew that I was going to have to get it together if I was going to pass my classes and the first step was to learn how to study.
I found ways to study that worked for me, and when I went in for my next test I was more confident. I had an optimistic attitude, and confidence that I would do well on the test, so it was no surprise when I got my test back I had made an A. There are two types of self-fulfilling prophecy, self- imposed prophecies and when someone’s expectations govern another’s actions. “Self-imposed prophecies occur when you own expectations influence your behavior” (57).If you think you can, and set your mind to doing something the results can be great. It isn’t just the observer’s beliefs that causes one to do well, “the observer must communicate that belief” (58). For example if a teacher has hopes for a child but does not encourage them or push them to the next level, then the child may not use their full potential.

“The effects of teacher attitudes, beliefs, and values, their expectations have been tested repeatedly” (Wilkins). Another example of other’s expectations influencing one’s behavior is that of a parent towards a child.If a parent has faith in a child they must let them know or a child may not have the confidence they to need to blossom. Positive results do not just happen because of a positive attitude though. Just like the saying “Faith without Works” is very true. People cannot just lie around and expect good things to happen. You must take action and put footwork behind what you are working on and plan to accomplish.
So with the combination of some knowledge and a positive attitude, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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Reaction Paper Self Concept
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