Reaction Paper About the Guest Speaker

Reaction Paper about the Guest Speaker Last Wednesday, September 5, 2012, was our National Science Month Celebration with the theme: “Science in the K-12 curriculum, sustaining a better future. ” Our guest speaker was born on July 15, 1965 in Cotabato City. She finished her study on Western Mindanao State University in 1978 as third honourable mention. She passed the examination for the qualifications on studying in Philippines Science High School and studied in Philippines Science High School-Diliman as a DOST scholar. She studied BS Agricultural Engineering in UP Los Banos on 1988 and passed the board exam as ninth placer.
I was so amazed when I heard that the person in front of us talking got ninth place on an Engineering Board Exam. She is now a Provincial Science Officer in Cotabato Province. Her husband is Condo N. Pham Jr. and has 4 children. She is non-other than Engr. Normina B. Pham. Her topic is about innovation. She also shared about their reunion. Engineer said that in more than 240 elementary students passed the examination in Philippines Science High School, only 175 students graduated. Her classmates are now Vice President of Ateneo, bosses of young stars today, scientists that are finding cure to vaccines, AIDS, HIV and etc.
She also talked about the birth of call center ten years ago. The call center’s birth is also the birth of cybersex which has clients all over the world. She also said that innovation must be replicated. You must deliberate the information you’ve got, have imagination and initiative. Students are more productive on imagination than teachers. She said that we should bring in changes in our community. Do better in what you are doing now. And I quote, “The Future depends on you. ” -Reyel Joy E. Gauran III-Emerald

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Reaction Paper About the Guest Speaker
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