Question and Problem Sets

I attached the reading material and questions along with 2 excel templates 
a total of 8 questions
I will have to email you because some of the images did not copy to the attachment.

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Question and Problem Sets
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Purpose of Assignment
Provide students with a basic understanding of financial management, goal of the firm, and the basic financial statements. Students should be able to calculate and analyze solvency, liquidity, profitability and market value ratios, and create proforma financial statements.
Assignment Steps 
Resources: Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft®Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web that offer support for office products. 
Complete the following Questions and Problems (Concepts and Critical Thinking Questions for Ch. 1 Only) from each chapter as indicated. 
Show all work and analysis. 
Prepare in Microsoft® Excel® or Word. 

Ch. 1: Questions 3 & 11 (Concepts Review and Critical Thinking Questions section)
Ch. 2: Questions 4 & 9 (Questions and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel® template provided for Problem 4.
Ch. 3: Questions 4 & 7 (Question and Problems section)
Ch. 4: Questions 1 & 6 (Questions and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel® template provided for Problem 6.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines if submitting in Microsoft® Word. 
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Question and Problem Sets Grading Guide
Ch. 2 Problem 4 Microsoft® Excel® Template
Ch. 4 Problem 6 Microsoft® Excel® Template
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ch. 1: Introduction to Corporate Finance
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ch. 2: Financial Statements, Taxes, and Cash Flow
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ch. 3: Working with Financial Statements
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Ch. 4: Long-Term Financial Planning and Growth


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