Python code assignment

The Marietta Country Club has asked you to write a program to gather, then display the results of the golf tournament played at the end of March.  The Club president Mr. Martin has asked you to write two programs.

The first program will input each player’s first name, last name, handicap and golf score  and then save these records in a file named golf.txt (each record will have a field for the first name, last name, handicap and golf score).

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Python code assignment
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The second program will read the records from the golf.txt file and display them with appropriate headings above the data being displayed.

If the score is = Par, then display ‘Made Par’
If the score is < Par, then display ‘Under Par’
If the score is > Par, then display ‘Over Par’
There are 16 players in the tournament.  Par for the course is 80. The data is as follows:
Andrew Marks  11.2  72
Betty Franks    12.8  89
Connie William 14.6  92
Donny Ventura  9.9  78
Ernie Turner     10.1 81
Fred Smythe     8.1  75
Greg Tucker     7.2  72
Henry Zebulon  8.3  83
Ian Fleming      4.2  72
Jan Holden       7.7  84
Kit Possum       7.9  79
Landy Bern      10.3 93
Mona Docker   11.3 98
Kevin Niles       7.1 80
Pam Stiles      10.9  87
Russ Hunt        5.6  73

REMEMBER to put your name on the lab with comments, and comment throughout the program with what the program is doing.


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