Psychology Ia Notes

Psychology Summer Assignment 2011 Due first class back in August/ September: Draft of Introduction and Design of Psychology Experiment. HL Psychology: IA is graded out of a score of 28. It is worth 20% of your final grade. 1500-2000 words SL Psychology: IA is graded out of a score of 20. It is worth 25% of the Final Grade. 1000-1500 words Refer to the IB Guide for First Exams in 2011 as you write your paper, and keep in contact with me. Here is a website from which you can download the Psychology Guide: http://www. bsurvival. com/files/file/1134-psychology-guide-for-first-examinations-in-2011/ Here are the parts of the IA that you must submit in our next class in August: Introduction (5 points HL; 2 points SL)) Method: Design (2 points for SL and HL) Method: Participants (2 points for SL and HL) Method: Procedure (2 points for SL and HL) Key advice: NUMBERS: Make sure that you choose an experiment that has results that can be measured on a broad scale.
So observers in Bandura were not told to rate violence on a “yes” or “no” basis, but to count the number of violent acts; Milgram had many intervals on his “shock machine” that enabled him to measure and compare statistics about what point people would drop out at; Loftus and Palmer asked participants to estimate speeds in miles per hour, as opposed to “were they going fast or slow. ” You will be calculating statistics and showing trends. The more detailed the numbers, the more you can say about them. And nearly half of your IA grade will be based on what you do with these numbers.
ETHICS: Refer closely to the Guide as you prepare. PARTICIPANTS: there are many characteristics of participants that can be considered confounding variables. You should know your experiment well enough to avoid these. DESIGN: Repeated measures or independent samples. The answer to which one you choose is always logical, but you must show that you understand the logic. METHOD: It must be possible for the reader to replicate your study based on what you write. A word of encouragement: You should be carefully selecting the experiment that you will replicate over the summer.

I have asked for a draft of the first parts of the paper to get you to start writing in the IA style. If you over the summer you find that you cannot write about your experiment, you will still have time to choose another one. I will be available throughout the summer through emails, and at times through Moodle, so keep in touch. The IB says that you must have 30 hours (SL) and 40 hours (HL) of class time devoted to the IA. I prefer to use this time to work on how to do the experiment, express the results, debate the conclusions.
But for that, you need to get through the simplest processes on your own. Every one of you is capable of a grade of “5” if you are diligent. And once you know you have an IA grade of “5,” you’ll have renewed confidence and motivation to get through the final months of the course. Due Dates: First Draft (all parts) by October 20 (last class before the Toussaint break) Papers will be returned with comments and advice after the Toussaint. Final Draft: IB and Ermitage approved deadline is December 10. This information can also be found on your Moodle Y1 Psych site.

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Psychology Ia Notes
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