Psychology Assignment

In this course, you have had an in-depth study of basic and applied research and theory. Consider how humans can apply theory and best practices of research from intergroup relations to reduce hurtful dynamics between groups. Your Final Project consists of a short research paper that examines a problem in contemporary intergroup conflict, including potential causes and conflict reduction strategies. The paper should include at least 10 references in APA style.
Your Final Project must include the following elements:
7 pages

Title page (1 page)
Abstract (1 page)
Describe a problem in contemporary intergroup conflict (e.g., workplace, small-group, war, ethnic conflict) and explain why it is a problem.
Explain potential causes of the conflict using the theories covered in the course.
Explain specific strategies to lead to reduction of the conflict and encourage positive social change in individuals, families, and communities.
Include at least 10 references in APA style. (1 page)

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Psychology Assignment
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Information on scholarly writing may be found in the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.), and at the Walden Writing Center website. 


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