Provide A 50-75 Word Feedback To The Following Post Below.

Ellis, E. L. (2018, December). Supermarket Meal Kits. Retrieved from Today’s Dietitian:
Supermarket Meal Kits are one of the newest trends in the world of dietetics. Shorten your time in the grocery store and get great food that’s already prepped for cooking and ingredients still considered fresh by definition and standard. This method of nutrition procurement also comes with the ease of mind knowing that they are correctly proportioned according to the standards of todays’ nutrition requirements, limits, etc. based on science based statistics. These meal kits allow the consumer to make food choices that are both healthy and budget friendly—things that, statistically speaking, the average consumer struggles with due to conflicting information from various sources.
Esther Ellis covers a good range of information in relation to Supermarket Meal Kits and their relevancy to nutrition practices and common dietetics topics today. In my opinion, Ellis could have gone a bit more in depth with the concluding paragraph titled “A Promising Future”.
I believe this article is an excellent source for reference with the purpose of research as it is less than 1 year old information and the article includes many references solidifying the information being exchanged.

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Provide A 50-75 Word Feedback To The Following Post Below.
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