Posted: May 27th, 2021

Protecting the Environment

After consideration, I would have thought deeper before making a decision. One of the examples is that I will think of other possibilities and ways of disposing an unwanted item. This is because our actions might seem little and can do much harm to the environment but as time passes by and all our actions are added up together and this might cause chaos in the future. Damaging the environment is not a petty issue. Planet earth as we all live in seems to be the only planet that is capable of supporting human life.
Once it is damage beyond repair, it might wipe out our species. In the effort of protecting the environment, we will consider the effect of our actions before making decisions. Will our actions do any good to the environment or will it continue to harm the environment? This is the question that must be thought of when taking actions. As we all know, we do not have centuries to go anymore. Scientist around the globe is already complaining about the effect of global warming and the unstable environment that we all have nowadays.
We have only a few more decade to go before we totally wipe out the ice berg at the north and south pole. Once the ice is melted, all sort of extreme and outrages weather will occur. Recycling is a very basic but important action that everyone should adopt now. In the wake of global warming right now, it is important that we recycle. The needs to recycle is base on the fact that our natural resources are diminishing . If we do not recycle, factories will have to process the raw material and this will result in more heat release into the environment.

A very basic way to recycle is to separate our rubbish into papers, metal and glass. Others waste such as food can be use to make compose. Besides recycling, we will also reuse thing that can be use again such as food containers and shopping bags. Food containers can be kept and put aside. It can be use to keep food when needed. Shopping bags can also be use to carry things when we go shopping. Using shopping bags will eliminate the needs for plastic bags. Many of the plastic bags that most of the shops offer are non biodegradable.
This material will not be eliminated unless burned. Once it is burned, it will release a poisonous gas which will cause air pollution. Open burning is also an important issue relating to the environment. It will cause air pollution and also release great amount of heat and carbon dioxide into the environment. Open burning is really unnecessary for household because if we manage our garbage well and put it in the plastic bags, the rubbish collector will just bring those garbage away. Burning the forest to open new lands is also unacceptable.
This action will cause discomfort to many people and if it is not manage well, the fire will spread and unwanted accident might happen. We should all prevent using the air conditioning at home because it will release a type of gas which will destroy the ozone layer. Once the ozone is destroy, people that stay in that area will get skin cancers. To keep our body cool, we should use fan instead. It does not consume that much electricity as air conditioner and it does not harm the environment.
We should also drink more cold water or take cool bath to warm our body when the weather is hot. We should also educate our friends and family about ways to protect the environment. If possible, everyone should get educated. If everyone is focusing to protect the environment, many unwanted disasters will be prevented. In the deontological theory point of view, it can be easily seen that it is everyone’s duty to protect the environment. Everyone must do his part to protect the environment so that the next generations to come will have a better place to live in.

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Protecting the Environment
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