Promotion Mix Tools

promotion mix tools The promotion ( Promotional Mix ) is one out of four basic instruments of marketing that has the purpose to inform about other instruments of marketing mix and to contribute to sales increase on the long term. The promotional mixis always serving to specific goal. These goals can be public informing, demand increasing, product differentiation, and product value increasing or sales stabilizing. Usually the promotion is targeting more than one goal.

Promotion is the process of communication between the company that sells the product and the potential customer, with the purpose of influencing the attitudes and behavior. There are specific promotional tool that are supporting chosen promotional goal. The promotional mix represents a combination of different promotional tools. The basic elements of promotional mix are Advertising, Public Relationship, Personal Sales and Sales Promotion. Advertising is communication with current and potential customers and consumers, done through paid mass media. The channels of communication can be TV, radio, Internet, billboards, etc. * Public Relationship ( PR ) is communication toward public, but is turned more to reputation and image of the company, than to it’s products. The PR activity can be a press conference, TV interview with company representative,  press article about donation of the company to charity or about latest environmental project. Personal Sales is a way of promotion activity where sales representative is directly contacting the customer. This person-to-person contact has the goal of direct promotion of the product and conclusion of sales. * Sales Promotion represents a set of different promotional activities that has the goal of animating customers for purchasing. This can be value offer ( discount ), quantity offer ( 2+1 ), prize drawings, merchandising, direct contact by animators in retail outlet, etc.

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Promotion Mix Tools
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