Project Stage 4

Introduction: Throughout this course, you will be working on a staged project researching a public policy issue as identified in your project proposal. At this point, you are being asked to draft and submit components of your final Research Paper
Instructions: At this stage, you will submit a partial write-up of your final research paper. This draft should include the following components:

Introduction, including the policy you are examining and its background and significance (one to three pages)
A brief literature review on the subject (two to three pages)
A description of your data collection methods (one to three pages)
A bibliography of sources cited in the paper (one to two pages)

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Project Stage 4
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Additionally, on a separate page include a brief statement (about a page or less in length) summarizing your progress so far in collecting data and identifying any problems or concerns you may have at this point.
Submission: Your Draft Paper should be 5-11 pages (1,250-2,750 words) in length. Submit this as a Word document. Follow APA style guidelines. 


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