For most math students, applying the concepts is the most important outcome of taking math courses.  Additionally, building critical thinking skills is a talent also developed through taking math courses.  Finally, being able to communicate mathematically and collaborate with colleagues are critical to your success both in further coursework and in life.  To help you achieve these goals, we provide you this opportunity to work with your classmates and think beyond the typical homework problem.
Here’s how this project works:

We want you to work in groups of 2-3 students.  If you have classmates with whom you would like to work, please e-mail me by 11/17/17 to let me know your group composition (please include full names of all group members).  If you don’t e-mail me before this date, I will randomly assign you to a group.
At the end of each chapter, you’ll find a “Making Connections” (MC) problem set.  Please select one of these, based on your group’s preferences.  
One member of the group will post the following information in this forum:  (a)  group and its members (you may pick a name for your group!), and (b) “Making Connections” problem set selected.  This should be posted by 11/24/17.  It’s a good idea to select roles for your group members as you begin this project.  One might be the writer/recorder for the group, another might be the organizer, etc.  Please figure out a scheme that works for you.
Work together to answer the questions of your MC problem set.  Some approaches include:  (a) everyone works independently and then the group compares/compiles results, or (b) each person is assigned a different question/component of the problem set.  Please select a method that works for your group.
Post your solution to your MC problem set in the forum entitled “Group Project Solutions.”  One member of the group should post this.  In your posting, please include the chapter, page number(s), statement of the original problem, along with a fully worked out solution.  Please include graphs, charts, and any other supporting materials necessary.  You may use the “insert image” option to show some work in addition to the Equation Editor.  If you struggle with finding a way to present your work efficiently and thoroughly, please ask me for help.  Please note that you will NOT be able to view other postings until your group has submitted its work.  
Your group’s work will be graded based on the rubric found under the Rubrics tool in our course.

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It is important that every group member makes a valuable contribution to the project.  If you believe the efforts in your group have been unequal, please e-mail me with details and I may adjust my grading accordingly.  I will, however, hear all sides before making any decisions if there is any disagreement on this matter.  


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