Posted: June 3rd, 2021


**JAVA** Please assist by providing pseudocode and functioning java program based on requirements below.

Zoo Monitoring System

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As a zookeeper, it is important to know the activities of the animals in your care and to monitor their living habitats. Create a monitoring system that does all of the following:

1. Uses at least TWO classes

2. Uses well-constructed comments explaining each section of code.

3. Asks a user if they want to monitor an animal, monitor a habitat, or exit


4. Displays a menu of animal/habitat options (based on the previous selection) as read from either the animals.txt or habitats.txt. Additional entries will be made into both .txt files so program must read and display the menus from the .txt files dynamically.

Asks the user to enter one of the options



5. Displays the monitoring information by finding and reading from the appropriate section in the file.

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