Pressures of Frito Lay

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essuresWhat are the sources of pressure on firms such as FL to reduce their environmental footprint? Many industries in the UK and abroad have similar pressures from groups and environmentalists which cause severe problems to the company’s credibility and causes issues to customers knowing the fact that the company is facing problems. In the United Kingdom itself there are groups that pressure companies with environmental factors they are: For Environment: Campaign for Better Transport Campaign to Protect Rural England Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales Climate Camp Greenpeace
Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) Friends of the Earth Scotland Forum for the Future Surfers against Sewage Rowers against Thames Sewage (RATS) Waste Watch Rights Of Way Alliance Neath (Rowan) Women’s Environmental Network For Food: Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) aFood Commission Sustain the alliance for better food and farming. The pressures are due to the customers also. Some of them insist that the bags for chips should be eco-friendly while other applauds Frito-Lay for its green efforts. Because of this, Frito-Lays sales have dipped as they introduced the eco-friendly
Frito-Lay was threatened to be sued by a news service company and The Centre for Science in the public interest (CSPI) after Frito-Lay switched the name on its olestra-laden snack line. This came into picture when FDA withdrew a requirement that companies warn customers of Olestra possible side effects. Centre for Science in the Public interest speculated that Frito Lay was trying to set apart its low-fat chips from the previous olestra warnings. After the warnings Frito-Lay made a settlement with CSPI in which Frito-Lay agreed to post Olestra Logo more transparent and also by adding the phrase “Made with Olestra” more flagrantly.

Executive director of CSPI, Michael F. Jacobson said in a press statement about the settlement that Frito lay agreed to these modest changes, which are sufficient to avoid a lawsuit and will help consumers who know to avoid Olestra to do so. But this was not without a flipside, even with the Olestra logo the complete fault is not stated in the bag. The possibility of side effect with use of olestra will not be mentioned in the packaging instead it will acknowledge Olean as a low-fat property on the chip line. An Environmental Footprint is an extent to the amount of bio productive land and sea required to sustain a person’s lifestyle.
It includes the land required to cultivate their food, dispose of their waste and absorb their carbon emission. Another pressure came from four associations which include Green Peace, Organic Consumers Association, friends of the earth and other associations claim that 15 American largest food corporations are using GE based ingredients in their products and was asked to ban this ingredient from their products. After this acquisition Frito-Lay announced that 95% of their corns for corn products are GE free. http://www. organicconsumers. org/ge/gepotatoban. cfm

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