Presentation of Globalism Essay

I attached two student posts and their presentation, I need the presentation and the initial post and reply on those two students posts. 
For this “discussion,” you will share the research you did for the globalism essay in a visual format. Some suggestions for media are an infographic ( (Links to an external site.) is a good free design app) a poster (canva  (Links to an external site.)is another great design tool), a short video, or a powerpoint or  (Links to an external site.)presentation.
You should have read the first few chapters of writer/designer to get an idea of what to incorporate, but you are being asked to create multimodal arguments of your text; i.e, you are expected to convert your essay into a visually dominant format and “present it” in the discussion. That is tell us briefly why you made the choices that you made.
The final assignment is to do this in an essay. So you can consider the presentation to be a “draft” version of the essay.
Focus on these bullet points:

What design elements did you end up using?
How did you balance those elements out to create a convincing argument?
How were these elements targeting a specific audience?
What did you learn from this process? How does the media you used use rhetorical appeals differently?

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Presentation of Globalism Essay
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Your initial post should be about 6-10 sentences long and full explains the chosen genre and convention you are discussing with details about why you think it is a good example. Your responses should add to the discussion, providing substantive points, questions, or further examples; not just simply stating that “you like their post,” or that you “fully agree” etc.


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