PR-1 sm

Project: Conducting Informational Interviews
The video segments you viewed covered only some of the jobs available in the field of early childhood and child development. Many other jobs were referred to throughout your program, including music therapists, art therapists, child-life specialists, speech therapists, community college faculty, four-year college faculty, children’s book authors and illustrators, educational writers, and more.
For this Project, choose three jobs that truly interest you and interview three people who have these jobs. For instance, if one of your choices is the job of children’s librarian, you will need to interview a children’s librarian.
To complete this week’s assignment:

Use the Web sites provided in the Learning Resources and the video segments to help you choose the professions/jobs you are interested in learning about.

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PR-1 sm
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Contact and set up in-person or telephone interviews with three people.

Use the Informational Interview sheet to conduct your interviews.
Informational Interview ( WORKSHEET ATTACHED)

Write a summary of each of your interviews, and in your final paragraph, identify the one job that most interests you and explain why.

Assignment length: 2–3 pages
Submit this assignment by Day 7 of this week.


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