Posted: June 21st, 2021

PowerPoint presentation

Original work organization “YWCA”  
position- Direct-Services  “Youth advocate” working with teens helping build resume, teaching them job ready skills, developing Anti Bully committee 

Students are to create a PowerPoint presentation about their professional experience in field placement this term. 

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PowerPoint presentation
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The presentation should include the name of the agency, the population served, the mission of the agency, a detail description of the activities in which the student participates, and an assessment of whether the student is on target to meeting the agency learning goals and his or her personal learning goals as outlined in the Field Work Placement Contract. 

In addition the presentation should include a critical analysis of the relationship between the goals outlined in the Field Work Placement Contract (agency and personal) and the actual activities that students are involved in, to determine if the activities are helping to meet these goals. 

Explain why or why not. In addition, students are to include one  University Core Value that relates to the field placement experience. 

The presentation must be professional (e.g., student is professionally dressed, uses proper grammar, no grammatical or spelling errors in the PowerPoint. See the attached rubric. Apply APA formatting.

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