Power Point-Victims of human trafficking.

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Title: Special population presentation

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Power Point-Victims of human trafficking.
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In this assignment, you will be responsible for presenting on a topic area related to assessment and treatment of a special population of victims or particular traumatic experience and preparing a PowerPoint.


There are a variety of victim populations not covered by topical material in this course. These may include victims of intimate partner violence, children who witness domestic violence, victims of human trafficking, victims of mass interpersonal violence, male victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence in the LGBTQ community, victims of identity theft, victims of kidnapping/torture, children forced to become terrorists, and topical areas such as the pandemic. You have been asked to provide information on one of these topical areas at your training site for peers and colleagues in the next few weeks (please choose one topic from the list above and/or contact your instructor for approval of any other area/topic chosen before beginning). You have decided to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that provides information on the area chosen.


Review the victim population chosen by reading empirical studies, research government websites, reading chapter information, reading current books published on the topical area.
Create a PowerPoint presentation that:
Introduces the topical area including any relevant definitions
Notes and identifies the prevalence and incidence of the distressing event, including information about who, what, why?
Describes the impact of the traumatic event including short and long term effects, potential relevant diagnosis, assessment of the impact of the events and any relevant symptoms
Describes the appropriate treatment/therapy approach for the population, whether the treatment approach is evidence based
Describes any special counselor considerations for working with the population, including ethical issues if applicable
Includes resources for peers and colleagues (local, state or national)
The presentation should include no more than 10-15 slides
The presentation should be created using a PowerPoint template that reflects professional graduate level scholarship, including proper APA citations and references for works used on slides.
The presentation should use a minimum of four peer-reviewed journal articles or books to substantiate the information presented. Internet sources or other non-peer reviewed sources are acceptable, but will be counted above and beyond the mandatory five sources. This is expected to be an in-depth and thorough presentation of the topic vs. a cursory overview and will be graded as such.
Due Date
Mar 8, 2020 11:59 PM
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