Posted: May 28th, 2021

Poultry meat

Poultry meat production and welfare in Beijing – Consumer views, values and purchase behaviour Maln aim, I would like the study to explore consumer values and attitudes towards the poultry industry and the factors influencing consumer choice and purchase of poultry meat. The report should study the range of consumer views relating to poultry meat with regard to food safety, welfare assurance, country of origin, utilisation of the carcase, taste, labelling, branding and assurance schemes where relevant.
Key areas of Interest and objectives: To report on the current structure of the poultry meat supply chain ( farm to retail including production volumes, number of producers, the supply chain, volumes sold, import / export To review recent trends in the purchase of poultry meat ( where bought from, volumes, consumption trends, prices, range of products – whole birds and portions) Carry out primary research to investigate factors influencing the purchase of poultry meat and the views of consumers relating to Country of origin
Production systems ( intensive, free range, organic etc) Welfare, assurance schemes, food safety Marketing Mix – price, promotion, products, place (segmentation and point of sale), Branding, Labelling, Quality – taste, colour etc To suggest what changes may take place In the future for the poultry meat supply chain In BelJlng and Information of value to marketers. Proposed method: Primary research – Quantitative survey Range of question formats Self-administration Sampling

Different regions, Large towns, Small towns and villages Cross-section of demographic types Enables comparison to be made with earlier work I have attached a questionnaire which was used in the UK and I would like similar researcn Delng un e en n BelJlng using tne same questions wnere posslDle so that I may make comparisons. There will of course, be additional questions which are relevant to poultry meat in Beijing which will need to be included ( or questions amended to suit).

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Poultry meat
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