Post Purchase Evaluation Process

Post purchase Evaluation Process Carlie Higdon MAN105 March 9, 2013 Professor Dana Adams Consumer post purchase evaluation is generally affected by pre purchase expectations, The consumer usually does some sort of research to compare prices and such before making a big purchase, a house or a car for example. And the evaluation is whether they are happy or not with what they bought. What is cognitive dissonance (mental discord) you may ask?
According to (businessdictionary. com) cognitive dissonance means State of psychological tension arising from incompatibility among a person’s attitudes, behavior, beliefs, and/or knowledge, or when a choice has to be made between equally attractive or repulsive alternatives. It boils down to one of those “Why did I buy that for? ” moments. Commonly known as “Buyer’s remorse. ” Let’s see as a personal experience of me having cognitive dissonance.
I guess it would be the spear of the moment impulse buys. You know the stuff they put buy the cash registers in stores. I end up getting a lot of that “As Seen On TV” things at Walmart. Last thing would have to be the “Bark Off. ” Doesn’t work, the dogs just barked at it. I threw it away. But, I was like I could have used that money for something better that I could have actually used. Two products that can cause cognitive dissonance would be a house or a vehicle.

Because if your not happy with your purchase that is two things that are hard to take back and get your money back. Now how can marketers and consumers reduce cognitive dissonance? One word “COMMUNICATION. ” Just by the marketers’ talking to the public they can get a better idea of what the consumer wants and needs. References http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/cognitive-dissonance. html#ixzz2NCPjUHpu

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Post Purchase Evaluation Process
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