Pornification of culture

In a world where amazing technology has change our way of life, the issue of pornification of culture has become a common phenomenon among people in all over the world especially among youth. This issue has become serious when there are lots of social illnesses that occur among teenagers nowadays. The integration of the Internet along with sophisticated gadget that seems to become enhanced day by day in which we ourselves could not imagine of how superior it is in the future has changed the system of communication a lot and with these modern technologies, the oundaries across the countries and time are no longer becomes a matter to us.
However, when our life turn out to be more easier and faster, some of us would often violate the purpose of these facilities as it bring disaster towards one’s life when they involve with the popular culture that exists in todays fashion, music, games, etc. It is not an issue if those are used in a positive and correct ways, but to some extent people used them to get access to pornography and many other related issue which is sometimes can abuse the role of man as a vicegerent in this earth.
It will also lead o numerous types of social problems and this natural process that happened should not be look upon lightly, hence urgent action need to be taken strictly and serious to overcome this new challenges. When dealing with the rising trend of pornification of culture across the world today, people from all cultural backgrounds including parents are very concerns towards their children particularly girls.

We are facing a serious issue of increasing influences from popular culture and celebrity which sometimes portrays bad role models towards children as they are not matured enough to consider which is good o follow and which is bad to avoid. Some people in the west, for example, are extremely worried about the increasing pornographic elements in children’s fashion (Feiler, 2013).
The way fashion designers intend to create new fashions among children and teenagers is as if they would like them to expose themselves with sexualisation through the various types of clothes and pants which every parent are worried about. The hardest part is when the children are always rebel against their own parents because those fashions are become common and usual to them. Even the west are fear with this rising issue, what more if we are Muslims. Both the Muslims and non-Muslims today are beginning to realize that they have to work together to deal with this complex challenges.
The concern is not Just only towards the children’s fashion. Recently, Muslims and non-Muslims in Canada were united to join effort in protesting against the proposed plan to ban the wearing of religious garments that reflects the identity of their own religion. This shows that many people around the world understand the importance of religion in a modern world (New Straits Time, 2013). The probability of both sides working together may involve the ole of religion in everyday life.
The need to defend their own identity has urged them to be united so that everyone has rights to voice out their concern about religion. Discussing on the religion, nowadays, people begin to accept the true practice of need of religion in their life to guide them along straight path. Teenagers particularly becomes attracted towards Islam because of the increasing number of young Imams who are able to preach the teaching of Islam and at the same time follow their lifestyle which is in conforms to the way of life of the teenagers.
Even though Islam in America today still remains a minority religion, many people have realized the proper religious teaching to their children in order to encounter the problems among youths today (New Straits Time, 2013). The importance of having young Imams in the society is crucial at this time in order to prevent the decline of morality among teen and guide them if they have gone astray and involve with social problems.
Their roles are needed because sometimes the nurture from parents are not enough as they are always busy with works and from the teaching of these Imams, it also helps to provide with mental along with spiritual aspect of life. Not only that, women nowadays also begins to involve with the society as they starting to realize that women in their societies are the key to solving serious social and moral problems like teenage pregnancies, alcoholism and religious extremism (Shulman, 2012).
We cannot deny that the role of women these days are also as significant as the role of man because the women is needed to encounter problems faced by most of the girls teen and women adults as the approach of women to women gives more comfort. Besides, they also feel like this is the time to bring back the dignity of women and levate their status in society so that women will not be oppressed easily by man and their Justice should also be preserved. This is one of the ways in order to help solving the problems involving teenagers which become serious with the issue of pornification of culture.
In one of the Western countries, the issues of alcoholism have achieved the alert stage in which actions should be taken immediately. The consumption of alcohol or known as binge-drinking in Britain had risen the expenses related to health and also caused rising levels of death and diseases (The Star, 2012). As we already know, lcohol is one of the major cause for the social problems today because it can makes people drunk and they are not realize of what they are doing.
Thus, from alcohol drinking only, people can involve in prostitution, pregnancy, rape, murder and etc. which is very common issue that we heard lately. Everyone involving the government should begin to do something and taken several steps to reduce the consumption of alcohol so that the major illness among teenagers will slowly decrease. It is also becomes everyone’s role in order to help reducing the problems slowly so that the problems in the society will not be prolonged to the future.

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Pornification of culture
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