Political Advocacy Program

Professional associations like the American Medical Association, American Nurses Association, and others actively facilitate member engagement in political advocacy. For this assignment, you will research political advocacy models of professional associations, and develop a program outline to be proposed to a professional association or group of your choosing.
Objective: Political advocacy program proposal
Primary – Members of a professional association or group (local/state/institutional).
Secondary – Leadership team of the association or group. Those who will approve your proposal.
Elements to include (but not limited to):

Proposal abstract
Need assessment (why this is needed in your profession/location)
Supporting research
Goals and Objectives
Governance structure (leadership roles)
Membership (member base, recruitment)
Proposal summary

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Political Advocacy Program
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Length: A minimum of three pages of content.
APA requirements: Title, reference page, a minimum of three references. In-text citations should be used to support your proposal.


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