Click on the link, you have the option to download and listen or listen direct from the website. After listening and understanding the content of the podcast, you must write an analysis of the podcast. Your analysis should highlight at least three main points within the podcast and link concepts from the textbook to further explain the importance of identified areas. 
Podcast are due no later than the specified time (Sunday 11:59 pm).

You must give quality analyses that show mastery of the podcast, using clear logic, and supporting facts.
Podcast Analyses test the understanding of key elements of Healthcare Informatics, therefore they must be thoroughly addressed.
You must use citations with references to document information obtained from sources. The key concepts and elements of Healthcare Informatics are found in the sources listed in this syllabus and the textbook (it is your duty to search for them, read, analyze, evaluate, summarize, paraphrase in your answers, and cite the authors who wrote the articles, books, term papers, memoirs, studies, etc. What it means is that you will have not less than 3 references from the listed sources.
Grammatically correct paper, no typos, and must have obviously been proof read for logic.
Key Concepts and Elements must be typed out as headings, with follow up analyses in paragraph format, and a summary or conclusion at the end of the paper as set in the outline (Ask professor for sample paper outline).

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Podcast Analyses must be in APA


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