Play Activity Assignment Essay

This assignment is called Play activity. It is deserving 30 % of the overall class of the faculty Early on Childhood Education. As portion of the assessment standard of this assignment I must finish a drama activity to a group o kids aged between 0-6 old ages. WORK PLACE I have been get downing to work in Creche X in Donnybrook country since two hebdomads ago ( as a full clip ) . I have been in a free test. so portion clip till they decided I can get down full clip. I work in Baby room. There are five kids at the minute. I love kids and I like being around them.
I haven’t worked before with babes. so it was a challenge and a large duty for me and I was really happy for the opportunity given to me. Despite the fact I had no experience to work with babes. I learnt tonss of things in a short period of clip and I can state I still have to larn few more. It is a little but broad. but friendly and brilliantly foundling hospital. It is a full twenty-four hours care service from 7:30 boulder clay 6:00. They have a Baby room. Wobblers room. Toddler room and Montessori room. The Baby room has besides a fingerstall room with 4 beds. It is a lovely room plentifulness of playthings and books ( for babes ) .
The foundling hospital has besides a changing room. an office. a kitchen and a big out-of-door garden. They provide breakfast and hot alimentary repasts. All of their staff ( six individuals ) are full trained and experienced. They are Garda vetted and First assistance trained. They use the Montessori and Highscope methods of drama and instruction. They have a unafraid entree. out-of-door safety surface. wheel chair accessible. day-to-day log kept for parents. When parents come to pick up their kids they must state a watchword or if they send person else to pick up their kid. they must name before and so to state a watchword every bit good.

* Sign the kids in and out * Keep daily record of each kid ( record book ) * Parents mark in and out * Changing diapers * Feeding kids * Playing with them ( sponge picture. manus print. activity gym. ball drama. drawing objects. mirror drama. face look. different sort of music. mussy drama. etc ) * Bring them to kip country * Verify so from tem to ten proceedingss * Write every twenty-four hours on a Care of Sheet the measure and the hours they had their bottles of milk. solids. how many clip diapers were changed. * Write down on the Cot Sheet that you verified the kids and they were safe at that minute * Answer the phone.
* Hovering and mop every twenty-four hours the room * Fill out an accident study * Chat with parents about day’s activity * Medical consent and disposal signifier for medical specialties given to kids must be completed by the director. parent. staff and informant. * Take the temperature of kids that seem to be ill look intoing from 15 to 15 proceedingss and right down on the medical specialty book ; if the temperature is high we call the parents * Verify every forenoon and afternoon the temperature from icebox * Hover and wipe up all the foundling hospital one twenty-four hours a hebdomad ( when my bend comes ) PERSONAL PROFILE My name is Mihaela Serea.
I’m from Romania and I came in Ireland in 2008. I have been get downing to work as a kid minder for two households. I took attention of a kid of four old ages old and one of three old ages old. The 2nd household merely moved in UK two months ago. so I decided to get down Fetac Level 5 in Childcare. In Romania I went to College for a period of 4 old ages Faculty of Letters. profile Romanian-English. During the college I completed the classs for the Department of Teaching in primary/secondary school. After the college I have done a maestro grade in Business Management for one twelvemonth and half.
During my Master grade I had the chance to work in a kindergarten. I was afraid of taking attention of little kids. but it was a truly pleasant experience and I enjoyed it a batch. Some other classs completed: when I was in secondary school. I decided to make some classs within the country of computing machines. What I want to accomplish from this faculty Early on Childhood Education? It is a important period of kids at this age. so I want to research all the facets of a kid development. from safety and psychological science to physical. cognitive and emotional development.
I want to assist kids to derive assurance in mundane undertakings. to guarantee that the drama is conforming to official wellness and safety criterions. It is a period when walking. speaking. vision of the universe and moral foundations are established. The early old ages of life are critical to the development of intelligence. personality and societal behaviour. I would wish to larn about kids demands and involvements. My alone merchandising points I enjoy learning. but in Rumanian linguistic communication because it will be easy to show myself.
In English I loose myself. I forget the words. I don t know any longer what I want to state. it s hard. because in school we don’t communicate plenty. we merely learn to read. to compose. grammar. exercisings. When I was a kid I dreamed to be a instructor. All my narrative books have Markss on. I like painting. vocalizing. computing machines. I like to be informed. One twenty-four hours I believe I will hold my ain concern a foundling hospital. But first of all I need to work in a foundling hospital for more old ages to acquire more experience and to happen out everything I need to cognize approximately.
I like kids really much. I will be a good director and I think it will be good money as good. if I provide a good service. Title of drama activity: Fall leaves Aim Autumn is a great clip to learn kids about foliages. I want to larn them through drama and geographic expedition of the nature and to acquire involved with it. Roll uping different foliages they learn different colourss. forms and constructions. Another purpose is to develop children’s creativeness by blending colourss. working in groups. Consultation with my supervisor When I take a group of kids out I have to be cognizant of their safety: planning. permission. supervising. conveyance.
In my instance. I go into a park merely near by our location with a group of pre school kids. I spoke with my supervisor to give permission and a missive should be sent to all the parents/guardians of the kids. Co-operation with households is indispensable to guarantee the public assistance of the kids. The supervisor told me it s non necessary a conveyance. because it is merely two proceedingss off. We do non necessitate jammed repasts. merely some bottles of H2O. tissues. trim vesture. little first assistance kit. a charged Mobile phone and exigency contact Numberss. guaranting that the service’s insurance policy includes equal screen for excursions.
I have to take attention of wellness. safety and hygiene of kids keeping a high criterion of attention which promotes the development of the kids. Children should be appropriately dressed for the excursion in fabrics which protect against the conditions. Children should non have on their best fabrics. Children’s vesture demands to let them freedom of motion so that they can take full advantage of all the chances offered on the excursion. I remembered to kids about route safety. Always we cross the route at safe points such as traffic visible radiations.
I checked the topographic point in progress to be certain of the installations that are available and the country that may be a danger to kids. Benefits of my chosen subject: A survey of leaves/ fall opens up possibilities for larning in many content countries. Language Arts. Mathematics. Science. Social Studies. and Art all contribute to a unit on foliages. If there is entree to a park or resort area. the kids can travel on a foliage assemblage walk. When this isn’t possible. kids can be encouraged to garner foliages at place with their households and convey them in to the schoolroom. or instructors can supply the foliages.
Leafs change colourss. normally from green to red. orange. xanthous and brown. Leafs can be found on trees. autumn to the land and we rake them. Children sort the foliages they collected by colour. size or type of foliage. Fall is a beautiful clip of twelvemonth. when the foliages change colour and autumn from the trees. Besides brushing them up and bagging them. see seting the fallen foliages to good usage. Children collect and turn them into leaf art. The motley foliages make beautiful trade undertakings. and the best portion is that they’re free. There are several types of trades you can make from foliages.
The lone bound is your imaginativeness. Traveling out in the park they learn different types of animate beings. Besides kids learn about the season ‘’autumn’’ : season of the twelvemonth between summer and winter. enduring from the autumnal equinox to the winter solstice and from September to December ; period of adulthood verging on diminution. Five related subjects: 1. Leaf print 2. Hedge hogs 3. Colorss 4. Roll uping leaves 5. Autumn leaves Chosen activity: I have chosen an art activity to be completed with a group of 5 kids within a pre-school scene.
Preparation: * I will speak with my supervisor in order to inform her about the background of the drama activity assignment * I will convey a photocopy of my program about this drama activity * During the meeting I ask her about some suggestions related to the drama activity and its educational content * I ask my supervisor if parents will give the permission to take the kids in the park * I will inquire my supervisor about a suited clip and location to finish the drama activity and what I may necessitate to acquire.
* I wil seek to calculate out how long it may take to finish this activity * I will make a checklist in order to guarantee that all indispensable supplies are present during the drama * Equipment needed to finish the accomplishments presentation will be: baskets to roll up the foliages. gum. white documents. little and large paintbrushes. H2O based pigments. paper plates. paper tissues. wet rubs. and aprons. The pigment used will be non toxic. Execution: First of all the activity will be safe for the kids to set about. The park was at 5 proceedingss walking off from our location and it was a safe country.
I gave them baskets to roll up the foliages from the park We spent 2 hours in the nature Wash hands Gather stuffs utilizing the checklist as a usher Set out an country permitted by the supervisor Put on the aprons on each kid I give to each kid a pigment coppices and paper home bases I showed them how to do the operation They cleaned up the muss Evaluation: As portion of my appraisal for the FETAC faculty: Early Childhood Education. I must finish one drama activity within a work topographic point puting. I tried to follow measure by step the program in order to finish the Play Activity ‘’Autumn leaves’’ .
I spent about two hours in the park with kids. and so we came back. 1. How the accomplishments presentation went from my personal point of view 1. In my sentiment everything went really good and I was truly happy that I succeeded to finish it. The kids helped me a batch because they followed my verbal instructions. Before we have gone to the park. I gave them wood baskets to roll up the foliages. I provided all the stuffs they needed to cover with for publishing foliages on the documents. First of all I showed them how to make it. I took one of my ain foliages. I painted it and I put the painted side on the sheet of paper and gently press it with my custodies.
After few seconds. I lifted the foliage. They could take small/big pigment coppices and colourss to utilize. I could see they tried to do the operation really good precisely as I showed it to them. TC1 and TC3 showed a large concentration. Despite of the fact that CT2 wanted to work on his ain. he mixed the colourss really nice. 2. How the accomplishments went presentation went from the child’s point of view The Play Activity ended really good. all kids have been happy about their creative activities. I put on their creative activities their names and I hanged them on a wire. They applauded/clapped their custodies and had large smilings on their faces.
They showed a batch of concentration when they started to paint. 3. The last portion of the rating is really the development of kids through this drama activity as followers: P. I. L. E. S Physical Development: This was developed when all the kids collected foliages from the land and when they printed the foliages on the documents. In the park they collected foliages utilizing their fingers ( all right motor accomplishments ) . They moved from a topographic point to another. jumping and running about developing their gross motor accomplishments. ( Large musculuss: legs. organic structure motions ) . They held the paintbrushes ( all right motor accomplishments ) to publish the foliages.
Intellectual: They counted how many leaves they had at the terminal and they sorted the foliages based on colourss and sizes ( Logical/math ) . They compared their foliages to see who has the largest 1 ( Concentration ) . Through art they developed their creativeness and look of their art when they put different colourss of foliages on documents. Children love to happen interesting molded foliages. T. C 4 remembered some names of the trees they learned in the schoolroom ( memory ) . T. C 1 pretended he is the kid of the jungle. Mowgly ( imaginativeness ) . T. C3 stick two documents side by side to do a bigger montage of foliages printed and T.
C4 mixed the colourss of the foliages on the paper. ( creativeness ) . TC4 pretended he is a coney in the wood. so he started to leap like a coney. ( imaginativeness ) . Language: This was developed when kids understood my verbal instructions related to foliages ( roll uping them. numbering them. do comparings. painting the foliages so stick them for few seconds on the documents. etc ) . They learned new words related to and animate beings trees like maple. oak. squirrels. etc Emotional: This was developed when T. C1 expressed his felicity about detecting he found the largest foliage. T. C2 started to sing a vocal we have learned in the category.
T. C4 started to shout because he falls down on the land. TC3 was angry because TC1 pushed him on a side merely to take his foliage he found on the land. They developed feelings associated with winning and losing. Social: This was developed when I brought them together in the park. in the nature. T. C1 was playing with the others. T. C3 collected foliages with T. C4. ( team work. the ability to work in groups. interaction with the others ) . When we were in the schoolroom I put them to work in braces of two. ( they learnt to portion the equipment. be patient. clean up the muss ) . Howard Gardner Kinesthetic:
CT4 leaping like a coney. so he developed his gross musculuss ( legs ) . They played together. running. CT3 is really good at trade. he was making a great occupation lodging two documents side by side. and doing a bigger montage of different colourss. forms of foliage printed. Naturalist: CT2 was first-class at acknowledging the squirrels. They enjoyed being in nature. researching the nature. roll uping foliages. CT1 recognized some flowers. Interpersonal: CT3 seem to be a a natural leader enjoy learning the others how to paint the foliage and so to lodge them on the paper. I noticed CT3 is a closed friend to CT4.
Intrapersonal: When I put them to work in groups of two. CT2 replied to me that he prefers working entirely. He showed a strong sense of independency in the park every bit good roll uping the foliages on his ain. ( He does a great occupation on his ain ) . Recommendations for alteration: I propose for the following clip when we go into a trip. we should take a larger topographic point with more attractive/educational musca volitanss for kids to see and we should take more kids and more staff. It will be more merriment. Impact on kids: Children enjoyed traveling out researching the natures. roll uping the foliages.
They deal with forms. colourss. how they look combined. They loved to utilize different colourss to paint the foliages and they seemed really partisans about their work. At the terminal at the undertaking they were proud of their work. They learned to work in groups. Painting gives them the ability to portion their equipment. to clean up their muss. They learned to be patient. they learned new words. Personal acquisition: * I learned to finish a drama activity in a pre-school scene * I learnt to use theory to pattern * I improved to pass on with my supervisor and ask for advice sing my program activity.

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