Plagiarism | Literature homework help

Here are the guidelines for the Plagiarism Assignment:

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Plagiarism | Literature homework help
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Go through your assignment and color-code the plagiarism. Highlight (using a readable color) the portion of the text (words, phrases, or sentences) that you copied and match each to the source from where it came.


Then, write an essay on the topic of plagiarism. Your essay must


1.     Have a clear introduction, thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and concluding paragraph.

2.     Thoroughly define plagiarism.

3.     Give examples of the consequences of plagiarism from various professional genres (i.e. higher level institutions, newspaper/magazine journalists, business world); in other words, what are their consequences for plagiarism?

4.     Give examples of professionals who have plagiarized along with the consequences; answer who, where, when, why he/she did it and what happened as a result.

5.     Cite sources in MLA format when and where needed.

6.     Be double spaced, use a standard font (Times New Roman 12 or Arial 12 point), and have 1” (one inch) margins on all sides.

7.     Use effectively the conventions of written English (grammar).

8. Meet the minimum word count you were assigned.


9. Be submitted by the date assigned or this incident will be turned over to the Administration to process removal from the course with a failing grade.


Your color-coded paper and the essay you write must be uploaded as separate attachments.


NOTE: The zero given for this assignment will be permanent, without the opportunity of resubmitting the lesson.


This assignment will continue on your record as your 1st Plagiarism Warning.


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