Posted: June 5th, 2021

Pixar’s Wall-E

Pixar’s Wall-E is a movie about humans who left the Earth to evacuate on a ship because it is full of garbage and Wall-E is the only robot who left on Earth to collect and clean those trashes that humans did. When we watch the movie, we became a bit scared because it can happen in the near future. We know that no one wants this to happen but if we do not change our wrongdoings, it can become reality.
Wall-E is an interesting movie even if the dialogues of the characters are short or limited. It’s weakness is the commonality of it to others and when the two robots develop their feelings to each other because it can never happen but despite this, it is still good because of the valuable lessons it give to us.
At first, it shows the Earth with many garbage and trashes on it and Wall-E is the only one who cleans up those mess. In reality, it can be the result if we continue doing our bad habits like throwing trashes anywhere. It also shows in the movie that all people always rely on technology, they misuse the technology so that it affects their health, they become fat and they can’t even stand on their own and it’s not a good thing.

However, this movie will teach us to use technology in a proper way, let’s learn to control our time using technology not the technology to control us. It can also serve as a warning to us of what might happen in the future. This movie is emphasizing that we should be responsible on our environment especially in our wastes because there is a possibility that our planet will also be a huge garbage can if we still don’t change. In addition, we should also learn to be responsible in using technology. It’s not bad to be part of the trend but we should know our limitations. Let’s do what is right until there is a time to save Earth from destruction.
In conclusion, we would recommend this movie to all because it is so good to the point that everyone should watch because the lesson of the movie is rare to find in other movies. We think it is one of the movies that can transform their audience in just an hour. It can be for kids and adults so it means everyone can watch it.

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