Philosphy essay

For the term paper students will select one reading from the required readings assigned on the syllabus. A student will argue either for or against the thesis of the author. If a student is in agreement with the author, she must raise substantial criticisms of that author’s argument and propose a solution for those criticisms. If the student argues against the thesis of an author, she must herself then raise substantial criticisms of that author’s argument and consider objections to 
her own argument.
The term paper will be due in two steps. On 3/21 the thesis of your term paper will be due. The 
thesis should be two sentences. One sentence will state the author’s thesis you are writing on, 
and the second sentence will state your evaluation of their argument., eg. “I will argue that ‘so 
and so’ is wrong because of ‘such and such.’” 
Term paper should be between 750-1250 words. Double spaced, 
times new roman and 12pt font. The paper will be turned in hard copy on 11/29. 
Term paper will be evaluated as follows:  
An A paper advances an interesting and clearly stated thesis.  The student provides rigorous arguments for the thesis that go beyond what was said in lecture and the reading.  In addition, an A paper contains virtually no stylistic or interpretive errors.

this is my thesis that the prof already checked is attached as a file 

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Philosphy essay
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