PHI 2010

I need the answers to be taken from the pages of the book I am giving.

W4: Textbook Assignment
From the chapter, The Rise of Modern Metaphysics and Epistemology, read about the scientific revolution and Descartes on pp. 54-62. Answer the following:
1. What is “the scientific revolution”?
2. Define the following terms: dualism, materialism, idealism, and double aspect theory.
3. Why does Descartes employ skepticism?
4. What two conjectures does Descartes use in his doubting methodology? Explain each of these.
5. What claim does Descartes come to see as an indubitable truth? How can he be sure that this claim cannot be doubted?

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PHI 2010
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W4: Reflection Log
For this reflection log, if you have not seen the movie, The Matrix, watch it now. It is possible to find it for free online with a Google search. I was able to view it here:
Once you have seen the movie, answer the following questions in at least a paragraph:
What similarities do you find between Descartes’ Evil Genius Conjecture and the Matrix? Explain. If this life we currently live is in the Matrix, would you want to know? Why or why not? Does it make any difference in your life whether or not we live in the Matrix? Discuss.


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