Personal Views Ethics

u01a1 Personal Views Ethics Essay Each person should live with moral standards. To distinguish between the right and wrong is based on the person’s ethics. It describes what kind of values and beliefs does the person has. In business, it composed of standard ethics that serves as a guideline among employees about their expectation to the company. Newell S. stated that ethics in business focuses on identifying the moral standards of right and wrong as they apply to behaviour within and across business institutions and other related organizations.
The goal of business is to gain profit but, the fair practices they implement internally and externally matters because the values they represents reflects the ethics of the company. Rajeeve stated that the lack of business ethics in the market is the reason the world economy is presently in crisis. Unethical practices such as dishonesty, lack of transparency, creating false documents, and sexual discrimination are activities that are not fair. A Quick Ethics Test from Dayton Fandray of Raytheon Company was chosen to distinguish the ethical values of the person when faced in dilemmas.
Consider the following article: Drawbacks of Business Ethics

It includes the information about legalities, the affected person of such case, fitting of right values, the appearance in newspaper, its reflection on the company, the choice of being right and the feeling towards the result (Salopek J. , 2001). Through this test, the company can assess the capabilities of their employees in terms of ethical thinking. A concrete briefing about the company’s ethics is needed as a recommendation after the assessment. This test is valid to develop the employee’s ability in decision making against the company’s policy and procedures, regulations, values and self-
The effects of ethics in Business perspective. When an employee turns to a gray decision situation, reflecting through this test is essentially help before proceeding. Myths of Business Ethics Ketz, E. (2003) stated that many myths exist in the business world. He lay out seven ethics and five were further discussed in the following section. The first myth given is about the non-existence of business ethics. Principles of ethics were come from the personal life. The correlation of ethics to the aspects of life is given proof and justifiable than the business ethics itself.
The value of honesty is adapted from the person’s character and applied in the business policy. Ethics is a matter of education alone. This explains that those who are educated are the only one who has ethics. But, most unethical people in the business world came from the prestigious universities. Responsibility for ethical education rests with colleges and universities. This myth emphasizes that colleges and universities are accountable for the training of ethics of such person. To clarify this, ethics is learn through one’s belief and shape by the experiences gain.
The behaviour or attitude reflects the character of the person as a whole. Ethics is different from mathematics that needs to be computed or English that needs to be grammatically correct. The effects of ethics Business Ethical dilemmas are episodic. This myth explains that ethical problems comes only occasionally during one’s life. Ethical dilemmas are not planned. It came out unexpectedly and the frequent encounter of it doesn’t count. It doesn’t have limits on how many times it will come to the person’s live.
Professional ethics can be separated from personal ethics. This myth is not true. The ethics of such person reflects with its own character. The way the person presents himself whether in the business or personal aspects of his life is the same. Decision Making Ethics in business serves as a guide to employees to give confidence in their decision. It equips them tools and references that will help in decision making. It established unified rules and belief that will entrust each employee to help each other towards the goal of the company.
Effective leaders in the company influence the factors of the success against the endeavours. They are the key decision maker. The person in this position should have strong character and principles that will not oppose to the company’s unified ethics. They are the people who are personally ethical in word, thought, and deed and who conduct their decision making openly so that they’re perceived as ethical even from a distance. In a corporation, the decision maker varies from the higher position to the lower. There are different areas of expertise divided into different department.
Decisions about prospective The effects of ethics in Business Clients were under the jurisdiction of sales department and not with the finance group. There are boundaries and responsibility within their own people. The leader of each group evaluates certain cases, reacts and form a solution based on company’s ethics. Conclusion Having a business ethics is important. Chen E. emphasizes the code of ethics symbolizes the ethical responsibilities of the company and the expectations of its employees. It serves a guide to the employees and the company as well.
The success of the company varies with the ethics they have. And the ethics are based to the people involved in the organization who run and facilitate the business. Ethics are not made for displays but, for application with purpose. The challenge of being ethical an unethical in the business world has been raised. Despite the rampant unethical leaders in different industries, one of the objective can possess is the elimination of unethical business leader as start with ourselves. It can serves as a model to other beginners and will lessen the possible add- ons.
The other objective or expectation for this course is to learn more in depth about the different business ethics among different companies. The issues and lawsuit tendered can be the case for justification and reference. The last expectation is to finally adapt or embrace the business ethics in the concept of being a future leader or businessman/women. References Chen E. Main Principles of Business Ethics. Retrieved from http://ezinearticles. com/? Main-Principles-of-Business-Ethics&id=4502579 Ketz, E. 2003) The Accounting Cycle: Myths about Ethics. Retrieved from http://accounting. smartpros. com/x38366. xml Newell S. Business Ethics Q finance. Retrieved from http://www. qfinance. com/contentFiles/QF02/g1xtn5q6/12/2/business-ethics. pdf Rajeev L. Ethical and Unethical Business Practices. Retrieved from http://www. buzzle. com/articles/ethical-and-unethical-business-practices. html Salopek J. , (July 2001) Right Thing – business ethics. Retrieved from http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m4467/is_7_55/ai_77713888/pg_3/? tag=content;col1

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Personal Views Ethics
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