Posted: June 20th, 2021

Personal Statement: Who Am I?

Olivia in the dictionary, and you might find; noun, a female given name. From the Latin word olive. But this name doesn’t define me. I could also tell you all the things I do; school, yearbook, HOSE President & Treasurer, but those don’t define me either. I ask myself simple questions to find out who I really Am I the leader of a crowd, or a background follower? Do I direct groups or do I get directed? Am I the thinker or do I let others think for me? Am I part of the in- rood, or am I an outsider looking in?
Who truly am l? To find the answer I look deep inside myself and discovered the truth. I am a uniquely defined Individual. I don’t go to parties every weekend nor do I consider myself as weak minded. I am simply neutral in the world. I have friends of both sides of the spectrum and I feel free to talk to whomever I want regardless of what others around me think. I am bossy, and I personally hate people telling me what to do, I am a natural fighter. I fight for what I think Is right, some may call me obelisks, but I keep the respect between adults and myself.
The activities I listed above Just show that I am a hardworking-dedicated individual who doesn’t quit at the first sign of trouble. I don’t let the teacher who constantly looses my homework get me down; I Just work extra hard and redo all the work required of me. I am simply Olivia, and no one can take that away. People may tear me down emotionally but mentally I am stronger than anyone can Imagine. I am the girl defined by no one but her own standards, standards that continue to grow thicker every day.

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Personal Statement: Who Am I?
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