Posted: June 14th, 2021

Personal Purpose Statement Related to Your Academic Goals (First Draft)

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Create a first draft of your Personal Purpose Statement Related to Your Academic Goals. 
For this assignment you will create a draft that will be modified throughout the semester.

Your final Personal Purpose Statement is due in Module 8.  
Your final Personal Purpose Statement will be graded using the Personal Purpose Statement Rubric.  

The Starting Point for Your First Draft
Read through the following prompts and try to answer them based on your current understanding of your academic goals.

Why am I here in college?
What do I aspire to achieve upon completing my time here?
What am I going to do while I’m here?
Which degree or certificate am I pursuing?
How long do I expect to study here based on my academic goals?
What professional field do I aspire to be a part of in the future?
How do my personal goals align with my career choice(s)?
What is my responsibility in the learning process?
How will I develop my skills and abilities?

Evaluating Your First Draft
Use the answers to the questions above, or to some of these questions, to write your first draft. Your grade for your first draft will be based on the following criteria: 

Knowledge/Understanding – Does your draft include knowledge about your academic purpose?
Thinking/Inquiry – Have you defined areas where you can/need to investigate further?
Communication – Does your grammar need revision? Are you concise in your language or do you need more description in your statement?
Application – Have you addressed some or most of the questions provided?

Your final personal purpose statement is a 500 word written essay about your academic goals related to your unique aptitudes, career aspirations, and individual interests. You do not have to have 500 words for your first draft.

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