Posted: June 21st, 2021

[Perfecto] Final Summary Report.ppt

Final Report Summary ( USE POWER POINT)
Post a summary of your final report to the Class Blog in video, prezi, or powerpoint format. You summary should include a specific summary of your research results:

Offer key facts, statistics and findings
Include recommendations

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[Perfecto] Final Summary Report.ppt
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A ppt summary must be a minimum of 10 slides (not counting title slide).  Video length is up to you.
The purpose for the blog post is to compose using multimedia. Since the format is PowerPoint, Prezzi, or video, you want to make the information more visual.  So you wouldn’t just break up the summary into big chunks of text. Rather you would use pictures, graphics and words to present your summary. Submissions that are all text will not get a good grade. 
Please review the Blog rubric.pdf 
Keep Fair Use in mind and cite your sources. This include all visuals you use. Please check out this website for information on how to cite graphics in a PowerPoint.

how to cite graphics in a PowerPoint LINK :

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