Perennialism and Essentialism

I have been put to the challenge to develop my beliefs about education. Education is very important to me. I will make sure that I try to push my children to continue their education until they can’t go anymore. The sky is the limit. I ask myself important questions every day. What kind of teacher do I want to be? I want to have a positive influence and a strong teaching strategy. Everybody have their ideal teaching strategy and their goals of being a teacher. For this philosophical essay I have studied 4 philosophies. The 4 philosophies were perennialism, essentialism, progressivism, and social Reconstructionism.
When I took the assessment I scored a 19 on essentialism, I assume that I believe in this belief strongly. The next highest was the Perennialism where I scored an 18 in. For Progressivism I scored a 14 and finally I scored a 15 in social Reconstructionism. Essentialism suggests that a critical core of information exists that all people should possess. Schools should emphasize basic skills and academic subjects, and students should master these subjects. A curriculum that emphasizes reading, writing, and a deep understanding of math is consistent with essentialism.
Essentialism and perennialism share the same view that knowledge and understanding are preeminent. Essentialism emphasizes knowledge and skills whereas perennialism emphasis on universal truths thought his study of classical literature. Their emphases are practical and usable knowledge the essentialist curriculum is more likely to change than the perennialism curriculum. As the world changes teachers preparation programs place increases emphasis on working effectively with education. Perennialism means that one should teach things that one deems to be everlasting pertinence to all people everywhere.

It’s believe that the most important topic develop a person. Since details of the fact change these cannot be the most important things. So, principles not facts or taught. So instead of teaching about techniques or machines, they teach about humans first and workers second and Liberal topics first not vocational topics. Perennialism is good ways teach in my opinion. It has been used for generations and has been working. I believe is better for a student to learn about the evolution of humans than the man made things or techniques.
A particular strategy with modern perennialists is to teach scientific reasoning, not facts. Teacher illustrated reasoning with original accounts of famous experiments and it give students a human side to science. Perennialism and essentialism have similarities. Perennialism focuses on personal development first, while essentialism focuses on essential skills. Both philosophies of education are both teacher centered, as opposed to progressivism. Teachers who teach with perennialism are is the sense the authors of the western masterpieces themselves, and these teacher may be opened up more to student criticism.
Permanence is more real than change and human nature remains essentially the he same no matter the culture. Also, the good life is more fit for a women and man to live and remain essential the same. The moral principles of perennialism remain the same; hence the education that men receive should remain essentially the same. An educational goal for perennialism is to train the intellect whereas the essentialism acquires the basic skills needed to function in today’s world. The curriculum for the essentialism is to essential knowledge a basic skill.
The curriculum for the perennialism is to focus on enduring ideas. The teaching methods for the perennialism is to lecture; question and discuss. The essentialism is the same but they practice and feedback. The learning environment for essentialism is it will be high structure strong focus on essential knowledge and skills. The perennialism is also the same but they are strongly structured on academic work. The Perennialism frequently takes assessments and receives feedbacks. The essentialism does frequent objective and performance assessments and feedbacks.

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Perennialism and Essentialism
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