Pathophysiology DQ 14 student reply. (Veronica Reverol)

 The following is another student post to wish a have to reply adding some extra information related to what the student wrote. Remember APA and less than 20 % similarity.

Chapter 55
Isabella, a student nurse, has just started to work in a sexual health clinic part-time where there are a large number of clients who have genital herpes. The clients, both male and female range in age from 16 to 39 years, have varying levels of education and backgrounds.
a.            What features of sexually transmitted diseases would it be important for Isabella to review?
b.            Isabella states, “Why don’t these clients just stop having sex and then their conditions wouldn’t be as bad”? If you were another nurse in the clinic, how would you respond to Isabella’s comment?
  In order to provide education for her patients, the nurse student should review the pathological characteristics of the virus. Including the fact that the virus will stay latent and will show episodically in the patient. Modes of transmission. Also it is good to refresh her knowledge on the clinical manifestations and possible treatments. (Ignatavicius, Workman, Blair, Rebar, & Winkelman, 2016)
Once the patient contracted the infection the virus will reside in them no matter how much or how little sexual activity they have. This is a virus that doesn’t have a cure and will reoccur episodically for the rest of the patient life. (Ignatavicius, Workman, Blair, Rebar, & Winkelman, 2016)

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Pathophysiology DQ 14 student reply. (Veronica Reverol)
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Ignatavicius, D. D., Workman, M. L., Blair, M., Rebar, C. R., & Winkelman, C. (2016). Medical-surgical nursing: patient-centered collaborative care. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.


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