Passing for black: the life and careers of mae street kid

Passing for Black: The Life and Careers of Mae Street Kid is an oral auto-biography. It is a translation and summarization of some forty hours of taped interviews.
The requirement is for; (1) from four to six pages, (2) one inch margins, (3) double spaced (4) cited according to MLA, (5) and MLA page numbers. You will have your (6) name and class information in the upper left hand corner. It is also necessary to have (7) a title. You will begin by explaining like you are summarizing a biography. Then you will begin a (9) summary of the work, using at LEAST two full pages. (10) After your summary, pick at least three events in her life that you found interesting, funny, defining or maddening. Go into some detail; a minimum of one hundred words. After you have finished and before your closing, (11) have a critique of the work. This does NOT mean stating I liked the book or not, rather how it was written, the choice of words, the overall effect of an oral interview. (12) Then have a closing that includes your thoughts on the recital; your opinion of how things have changed for a black woman in Kentucky; and what you believe to be her most notable contribution to Kentucky society.

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Passing for black: the life and careers of mae street kid
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