Parent Student Letter re Exams Jan

New Horizons classes will resume on a regular schedule during the Hampton City Schools exam week. Students will therefore be excused from New Horizons classes when they have exams at Hampton High School, but the student needs to share that with the New Horizons teacher in advance. Students may attend New Horizons when they do not have exams at Hampton High School. Please avoid scheduling dental and medical appointments during the exam period.
If illness or some other emergency arises, which prevents a student from being in attendance for a scheduled exam, parents/guardians must communicate with the appropriate teacher(s) to reschedule. If justification for missing an exam cannot be validated and/or no communication occurs between the parent and the school, the student shall be considered unexcused and will receive a “O” for the semester exam, regardless of the class average. The Attendance Office may be reached at 896-5882 for emergencies during the exam period.
If a student arrives with an unexcused tardy to an exam period, he/she may have the remaining time to complete the exam, however additional time will not be provided. If a student arrives with an excused tardy, the teacher may offer additional time prior to the completion of the exam week so that the student has the full 2 hours as needed. Transportation will be the student’s responsibility. Monday, Jan aura 26th, and Tuesday, January 27th, will be Teacher Workdays. Students will not report on either day.

The second semester will begin on a RED Day on January 28th. All 1st block class locations will be posted on the walls. Students may have different courses, teachers or room locations. Students will receive complete 2nd semester schedules from their 1st block teachers. We hope this information helps you prepare for the culmination of the 1st semester of the 2014-2015 school year. We wish all of our students success on their exams. Sincerely, The Hampton High School Administrative Team

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Parent Student Letter re Exams Jan
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