Paper SP&S

One of the pdfs is a book you only need to read chapter 11,13

In this module, we examined the financial arrangements that heavily benefit professional franchise owners: exemptions from anti-trust regulation, tax considerations, and massive gifts from the public (in the form of stadiums/arenas).
One of the considerations we discussed was that (a portion of) the monies that are protected and/or gifted to owners could alternatively be used to benefit the communities in which the team is based. A recommendation proposed in class was a $1 tax on each ticket sold to support the local parks/recreation department in Baltimore.
1. For this Synthesis Paper, provide a brief summary of the ways in which owners benefit from the monopolistic structures of professional sport (including stadiums deals). Your summary will substantiate the purpose of your paper: to propose two (independent) solutions for the lack of support owners have shown local communities. 
Bullet points (4 minimum) on the ways in which owners benefit from the monopolistic structures of professional sport
2. Your solutions (for example, the $1 tax on each ticket for funding recreation – but this cannot be one of your solutions; it is just an example) should detail how you will redistribute your specified amount/fraction of franchise revenues (including estimated annual amount) and what the new community funding will be used for.
In other words, propose 2 ways in which owners will be forced to provide financial support to the local community (how the community funding will be arranged). Each (independent) proposal should be supported with an estimated amount/year that will be generated for the community (this is important because it must be congruent with what you propose to do with the money), and the specific program/community space that will be funded and why.
*2 proposals: thus each proposal should be independent of the other (consider it as proposing two different ideas that the local government would consider as a bill). Structure your paper in 3 paragraphs: 1. intro/summary of the situation for owners, 2. proposal one with all supporting information, 3. proposal two with all supporting information.
Bullet points PER idea (so two sets of bullet points; also, your bullet points might need to have levels as indicated).

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what will be the the law/rule/policy that requires redistribution of funds from franchise revenues to the community (e.g. that you can’t use is the $1 ticket tax)

these would be the elements of the law that shows detail (and that you know what you are talking about)

how much do you think will be generated


where will those funds be allocated

clients/who it serves


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