Organizational Models: Properties and Operating Environments

So far in this course, we have worked through many of the specific conditions and qualities (structure, culture, conflict, etc.) that inform the dynamics of organizations and potentially give rise to innovation and creativity. Furthermore, we have analyzed these conditions and qualities in a number of activities both in the discussion boards as well as in the weekly assignments.
This week, for our assignment, we will provide some evaluative comments that show how we have synthesized these various conditions and qualities into a cohesive perspective. We will provide evidence that we see how these elements can work together to elevate our organizations and how they can work at separate purposes and keep our organizations from reaching a culminating success.
You can use our class discussion materials that we used in this week, Apple, Trader Joe, Nokia, etc. However, as a graduate student, you are asked to go beyond our textbook or D2L materials in terms of your assignments. Always, you reliable references are valued and highly appreciated.
Minimum requirement:
(1) Choose companies (2) Evaluate them using our learning materials, leadership, culture, and structures (3) Evaluate their market performance or value in our society as well (4) your personal conclusion or recommendations
Please produce a 5-8 page APA style research paper that includes a cover sheet, abstract, about 2-3 pages of discussion, and finally a list of references.

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Organizational Models: Properties and Operating Environments
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