Posted: June 18th, 2021

Organizational Concepts

Organizational Concepts

1  APA writing guidelines

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Organizational Concepts
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2  Write a 1500-word paper that discusses the following organizational concepts:

a. Organizational mission: the organization’s mission and purpose, stated in terms of benefits to customers, employees,and society
b. Organizational structure: the organization’s structure to best support the stated purpose
c. Organizational contingency: environmental factors that will create the greatest impact on the organization
d. Leadership contingency: the type of leader that this organization will need (style,trait, skills, etc.)
e.Discuss how worldview influences this particular organization and its organizational members.

Additional notes: If possible use an actual organization you know and have access to. If not, a general discussion of the concepts and their interdependence is acceptable.
Students are responsible for acquiring the following books and materials for this course by the time the course.

Daft, Richard L. (2016). Organization Theory and Design. South-Western College Pub; 12th edition. ISBN-13:978-1-285-86634-5

Morgan, Gareth. (2006). Images of Organizations. Sage Publications, Inc. ISBN-10: 1412939798; ISBN-13: 978-1412939799

Sire, James W. (2009). The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog, 5th Edition. IVP Academic. ISBN10: 0830838503; ISBN-13: 978-0830838509

Argyris, Chris. 1997. Initiating change that perseveres. (Initiating Change: Theory and Practice). American Behavioral Scientist 40, no. 3 (Jan): 299-310.
Collins, J., and J. Porras. (1991). Organizational vision and visionary 
organizations. California. Management Review

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