Organizational Changes

In the past organizations have been faced with problems of change due to the introduction of new information technologies as the internet .Organizational change occurs when an organization desires to change its overall strategies for achieving its goals, when it wants to add or remove some sections of the organization and when it wants to change its way of operating its business.
The leaders and managers are given the responsibility of implementing change in the organizations, but there have been cases where some have failed to carry out their activities because of their own selfish interests, lack of knowledge or ignorance on their part, although some leaders have carried out their activities effectively. It is difficult to implement changes in the organizations but with the good structured programs the organization can effectively implement its changes.
In times of change people in organization rarely accept change because it will affect them in one way or another, thus a manager one needs to know how people are empowered in their organization so that they can utilize the skills of all employees in the organization.   People resist change because of individual fears, denial and anger the organization should accept the weaknesses of the workers and they should counsel them since it is at this particular time they require help so that they can accept themselves and assist them to perform as required. In cases where there are the employees are resisting changes at all circumstances they should be given other duties to perform.

In the case of politics and prose bookstore in Washington D.C of Barbara Meade and Carla Cohen they owed the business but they decided to hire an independent manager known as Danny Gainsburg to run the business. The management failed to recognize the fact that employees who had worked in the organization were supposed to be empowered so that they could carry out the task of running the management but the management employed a different person this led to conflicts.
The management should have empowered its own employees in to the organization since they had acquired the necessary skill to run the business.  With the appointment of Mr. Danny Gainsburg as an entrepreneur in to the organization was a big threat to the organization since he had his own way of running the organization since he was not previously employed in the organization.
When employees are empowered they are able to accomplish the tasks that they are assigned to do since they are given the powers and authority to do their tasks as they have been asked to do and this gives them the motivation to pursue their jobs effectively.
Another factor that would  lead to the process of implementing the changes of the business the employees are  practices such as flexible job assignment in terms jobs rotations or flexible schedules this provides employees with a better overview of the organization and gives them the opportunity to improve and training would give employees a better understanding of the techniques used and potentially increase their capacity to deal with problems incentive pays such as line incentives, power sharing and bonuses would be used to reward the employees.
For change to be made effective the top management must support the change process they must provide workshop, extra time, resources, and training to the employees so as to enable change to be implemented effectively in the organization. The top management must also train, coach, and manage the process they can accomplish this by re-arranging workloads, and allowing other workers to take part in the change process. The workers must be motivated by giving them staff leaves, overtime pays, and they must be encouraged to view work so that they can effectively achieve their goals.
The organization must create a conducive environment for the workers so that they can accomplish their tasks these includes allowing them to correct their mistakes and punishing those who need to be punished since they have been known to resist change. The organizations needs to evaluate update and periodically improve its policies, procedures, plans, communication methods, new technologies, values, performance appraisals so that it can conform to what its expected to do and this can result in better results for the organization. successful-change.pdf 
Ms Meade and Ms Cohen should have communicated the changes of organization and this would have ensured that the employees were made aware of their tasks in the organization thus be able to achieve the objectives of the organization and the task of implementing the changes of the organization.
At the time when the management informed the staff about the appointment of Mr. Gains burg in to the organization the appointment was appreciated because the employees were prepared to receive him although other people did not accept him since he didn’t have the necessary experience of carrying his activities. For Gainsburg to have learnt how to deal with the problems of the organization, he set standards that would ensure that he interacted properly with the employees, had an understanding of the duties and roles of the employees and this eliminated chances of getting a negative response from them.
Ms Meade and Ms Cohen move to sell the organization without the employees knowledge was a wrong move since the employees should have been informed about the move so that they could prepare themselves adequately for the change since this would mean that they would lose jobs since a new management would bring in new employees in the organization.
In course of doing business the organization realized high sales from its competitor the Barnes and noble Inc and borders group inc they said their success was attributed from having their staff being motivated, having the staff with the right skills and knowledge of doing their business and the employees being charged with the responsibility of handling all matters of the organization and this factors made the employees work effectively. Ms Meade and Ms Cohen should have motivated, chosen the right personnel in to the organization so that they would carry out their activities effectively and this would have boosted the performance of the company tremendously.
The management decision to employ Mr. Gainsburg as a partner in to the organization was unexpected because he spend most of his time with owners of the business hence he acquired the knowledge of how the business was being run thus he became the manager of the organization. Under Mr. Gainsburg leaderships in these bookstores he brought changes since he had acquired the experience to run the business, he ensured changes were implemented effectively and he informed the employees about the all that was to be done. The duties and roles of the employees were defined thus he was able to carry out his task effectively.
The other reason why Mr. Gainsburg could have succeeded in running the business is that he had employees who worked as a team and did their work effectively and this lead to the businesses success. He had personal attributes that lead to the success of the business such as he was ready to take the risk of taking up a business that was not performing; he was humble since he took time to learn the business. He was aggressive as he listened to the criticism of others and he accepted new ideas of operating the business and thus was able to take the opportunities that the business had this led to the successful implementations of the organization
Mr. Danny Gains burg learnt  ideas that enabled him  achieve its objectives these were: he established the analyzes of competition and identified the problem of the organization and he led the team to change, he created a vision for the organization which acted as a guide on how the business was to be led, he communicated the vision, strategies and the expected behavior of the employees towards the job, he identified people who could implement change and he ensured that the changes became part of the organizational culture for long-term transformation and growth.
The success of the organizations performance was as a result of the new management being given the authority to carry out its activities independently with no interference of the other departments, the management gave the employees the rights of doing their business and also trained the staff on the right mechanisms of carrying out the business and a better environment for the business was created which enhanced quality results for the organization.
In order to improve productivity in to the organizations employees must benefit financially from their contribution. This means that the employees must be motivated so that they can produce good results for the organization; they must be given incentives as good pay job security, job flexibility and leisure periods.   The members of the organization should be enlightened on the need for change because people resist changes in the organization because of fear of the unknown, the inadequacy to deal with change and they fear the effect that change will have on their jobs.
For the organization to successful implement changes in the organization it must implement plans that consist of activities that can make change in the organization to be effective. The plans can include creating or modifying structures and processes in the organization, loading, training and enforcement of new policies and procedures must be carried out so as to ensure that the changes can be implemented effectively.
Organizational change efforts should be geared towards improving the performance of the organization and the people of the organization. There are tools know as system thinking and system theory this can enable an employee to explore, understand and communicate about the progress of change process effectively. An employee needs to understand himself, his biases and know he manages feedback and conflict and how he makes decision so that he can be able to interact with the other people in the organization and can bring about good results to the organization. Change agents should be honest in their work and they should set good principles that will promote the successful implementation of change process.
The organizational barriers that an organization faces are when the staff of organizations other neglects their obligations .In other circumstances change can’t be accomplished because the top officials fail to recognize and to manage the workers who contribute to the development of the organization the workers.
Another factor that would lead to the process of implementing the changes of the business the employees are practices such as flexible job assignment in terms jobs rotations or flexible schedules this provides employees with a better overview of the organization and gives them the opportunity to improve and training would give employees a better understanding of the techniques used and potentially increase their
The management may fail to explain the importance of change to the organization failure to provide information, failure of the employees to consult when they are encountered with problems failure of the employees to negotiate with other staff and failure of the employees to relate properly with other colleagues in the organization and failure of the top management to build trust and a sense of security to their officials  thus the employees may not have the know how of conducting their businesses. The top officials may ignore the ideas of the other junior staff since they fear that they will be intimidated by their juniors.
In most cases change efforts fail because the managers fail to recognize that the way employees behave in different ways thus dealing with their behaviors can be a difficult task thus the management must be trained on the effective methods of implementing changes in the organization,
Due to changes that have occurred in the organization  the managers must properly structure their policies in the areas such in the rules and procedures of the organization,rewardsystems ,corporate identities and career planning programs .The management should at all times consult the experts when they implementing changes in the organization .The employees should change their attitude about how they conduct their activities so they can allow decisions of the organization to be implemented effectively.

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