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All of us can  recall people who have made a significant impact on our lives. Perhaps  it was a teacher who believed in us when we had trouble believing in  ourselves. Perhaps it was a band director or coach that took extra time  to help us out or just listen to our problems. Maybe it was a family  member that supported us at a difficult moment in our lives. On the  other hand, some people have had a negative impact on our lives. You may  recall someone who lied to you, gave you false expectations, cheated  you out of something you deserved, or hurt you in some other way. In  this assignment you are asked to describe this person and the way he or  she influenced your life.  Step One  Brainstorm a list of 5-7 people you would nominate for the ″Greatest  Influence on My Life″ Award.  Step Two  Select one of the people from your list and begin to write about the  following three areas:  Physical appearance Actions toward yourself Actions toward others  List everything you can recall about the person′s physical appearance:  facial features, mannerisms, energy level, body build, way of walking,  expressions, clothing, etc. Next, list the experiences you remember with  this person. How did this person react to you? What did he or she say?  Where did you go together? Finally, list those things you observed this  person do, even though you may not have been personally involved. Try to  be as specific as possible in making your list. For instance,  ″constantly tapping on the ground″ and ″always moving something around  on her desk″ is more desсrіptive than just writing ″nervous.″ Similarly,  try to remember specific actions. ″We used to play catch in the  backyard″ is more vivid than ″we spent lots of time together.″  Step Three  Select two or three events that would best illustrate the character of  the person you have selected. Write a draft in which you describe the  events you have selected. As always, write quickly without evaluating  your work or stopping to check on spelling.  Step Four  After writing your first draft, answer these questions:  Is my purpose in writing this paper made clear to the readers–either by  statement or by implication? Does the person I have described seem like an individual or a type? What  have I told about this person that is not common to all people of the  same type (e.g., children, parents, friends, teachers, coaches, etc.)? What is surprising in this draft? In what ways is the person I have  described unpredictable? How have I connected the different events I have chosen to include? Do  they ultimately create a unified impression? Have I described the person′s appearance, voice, and mannerisms in  sufficient detail? Have I included dialogue (if appropriate)? What else  might I want to add to strengthen the impression? Is the introductory paragraph effective in creating interest? Does the  paper conclude strongly? Have I chosen an effective title? Have I used language that is clear and vivid? Step Five  Continue writing and revising in successive drafts. Before submitting  your final paper, be sure to edit the paper carefully for mechanical  errors. It is important to know your personal tendencies in this regard.  Do you have difficulty with spelling? Then review all the words you  might have misspelled and check them with a dictionary. Do you mix up  homonyms (such as to and too or their and there)? Then be on the alert  for these words in your writing. You may find it useful to keep a  section in a notebook for recurring errors that appear in your writing.  Knowing your weak areas is the first step toward improving them.  For examples of how you may convey influential people to readers, you  may consult Web resources such as Benjamin Franklin′s Autobiography. The  final draft must be between 400 and 600 words long.


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