Option #1: Human Capital Plan

Option #1: Human Capital Plan 
Identify an organization or use your own organization to design and develop a human capital and performance management system that will motivate employees, enhance human capital, and improve organizational performance.
Include in your work the following aspects:

Provide an organizational profile that includes mission/vision, and the strategy of the organization.
Identify and evaluate current performance management systems.
Based on your evaluation, propose a new human capital and performance plan that includes, 1) leadership development, 2) individual and team performance plans, 3) the impact of compensation and rewards on motivation, and 4) a work/life balance policy.

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Option #1: Human Capital Plan
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After doing this, explain how your proposal will improve the organization’s overall performance and increase employees’ loyalty and commitment to the organization.
Paper requirements:

The paper should be  7 pages in length (not counting the title or reference pages, which you must include).
You must include a minimum of five scholarly sources, properly cited and referenced. You may use readings for the course, but not the textbook.
MUST BE IN APA FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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