Operation Management – report

This assignment is due in 2 days (11/15).  This is a factory simulator assignment.  Simulator part is complete.   You have to write a report over the results of the simulator.

Please review and let me know if you have any questions so I can explain it better.  Thank you.  Professor stated that this assignment should only take a couple of hours to complete.

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Operation Management – report
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You should notice the different areas and that I am expecting to see the following:
1. Your level of understanding of how your actions in the simulation affected metrics.
2. Your ability to state why you made decisions and what you expected to have happen.
3. How your actions ultimately affected the metrics.
I do not care which metrics you choose, but I need you to discuss how your team affected the business operation.  It is also ok to say that things didn’t work out the way you expected.  But, please do your best to use information from the book to support why you did what you did and use the language of the discipline (e.g. the key words the book uses.)
After you look at the Factory Paper Rubric document I recommend that you look at the Factory Paper Rubric Part 2 document.  The first part of this document gives you more insight into what the paper should look like.  This is followed by a sample Factory Paper.  Please note that the sample is just getting you started.  It is no where close to being complete.  It is just a good format to use when making up an information brief.  I hope this covers most of your concerns right now for the Factory Paper.  Work hard on it and try to show how much you have learned thus far in the course.


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