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  A Streetcar Named Desire Scenes 4-7 (Part 2)
In Scenes 4-7, Stella and Blanche clash over Stanley’s physical abuse of Stella and her acceptance of it. Blanche has a fantasy about Shep Huntleigh as her rescuer. Blanche’s inappropriate attraction to very young men is revealed in the scene with the paperboy, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Blanche’s young husband are revealed.
1. After Stanley hits Stella and after a night together, Stella seems to accept, even enjoy, Stanley’s violent behavior. Why does she do this? Is Stella masochistic? Does she get pleasure from being demeaned and abused?
2. In Part 2, Blanche talks a lot about an old beau and oil millionaire named Shep Huntleigh. Why is Shep Huntleigh so important to Blanche? Is Shep Huntleigh a real person?
3. Blanche reveals to Mitch the story of her marriage to Allan Grey, whom she caught in a homosexual liaison. Blanche then rejected Allan in disgust. How does the trauma of Allan Grey’s death and Blanche’s tremendous guilt that she caused his death affect her? 

  Using the Essay Template in Backboard Content, write a one-page essay  of the reading prompts. The paper should have at least three paragraphs – an introduction, one or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The last sentence of the introduction should be your thesis statement. Italicize the thesis statement. Each paragraph must have an italicized topic sentence. Quote the text to support your arguments; provide analysis and commentary. Cite the play text and do a Works Cited page using MLA 8th edition. Remember you only have to pick one of the prompts below about which to write.

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