Objectives and Measurement

The main goals that hard core will be aimed at achieving for a period of one year are:-
1. To improve the health statues of people by serving a minimum of 50customers per day.  The main objective of hard core is to improve the health status of the people.  For the start a minimum of 50 customers will be served within one day.  People will be advices on the diets to take so that their health status improves.  Teachings on maintaining the required weight shall also be offered.
Our customers shall be taught on the kind of lifestyle to lead in order to keep their bodies strong and free from preventable diseases.  Also our customers shall be educated on the kind of exercised to carry out regularly so as to maintain their bodies and remain strong.  Also educate our customer about nutrition values of various foods.  We shall ensure that a minimum of 50 customers have been served per day.

2. To ensure 99% efficiency in offering quality services.  We shall ensure that any service offered by hard core is within the best standards.  Health issues are very crucial and sensitive to somebody’s life.  A small mistake can lead to the death or deterioration of the health of a customer.  Therefore we look forward to offering the best services to our customers.
3. To buy 30 equipments by the end of the year for the start hardcore shall be having the basic equipments for weight measurements, skin treatment, and body massage to ensure a smooth running during the start.  But as time will go by hardcore targets at buying 30 equipments for offering our trainings.
4.To reduce the cost of services by 10% compared to our competitors for hardcore to expand and have more customers it will be charging lower prices to all the services it will be offering our prices will be lower by 10% compared to those charged by our competitors.
5. To build one big recreational hall for practicing by the year 2009.  Hardcore has got many professionals like nutritionist, dietitians, naturopathic doctors, dermatologist, the rapist, personal trainers, fitness instructors, physical therapist and psychiatrist.  Each and everyone of this professional require his own room. This room should be enough and spacious to accommodate at least four people and some equipments.  So for hardcore to be efficient in offering all its services a recreational hall should be build by the year 2009.
6. To buy at least five televisions sets for our customers to be watching while waiting to be served by the end of year 2008.  Hardcore should buy at least five televisions that will be installed at the halls to keep customers busy as they wait to be served.  These television sets should also be used to offer basic teaching to customers to issues like diets, nutrition, prevention of diseases, the importance of maintaining health bodies.  Therefore these televisions will assist offering some basic teachings to our customers.
7. To increase our monthly sales by 10% by the year 2009/ hardcore will have its own retail shop.  This shop will be selling equipments for homes, clothing, other supplements and nutritional valued light foods and drinks to compliment the services it offers.  Hardcore will target at increasing its monthly sales by 10% as from the year 2009.
8. To own our own ½ acre piece of land by the year 2009. For hardcore to offer its services efficiently it need to won ½ on acre piece of land by 2009.
10. To have a well trained team of 90 professionals within the first 6 months of starting.  Hardcore should have at least 90 well trained professionals like nutritionists, dietitians, naturopathic doctors, dermatologist, therapist and many more others.  These professionals are the once to ensure that hard core is fulfilling its main mission of improving the health status of its customers.
Performance Measurement
Performance measurement is vital in all organizations because the organizations need to verify the validity of the selection methods; they also need to do performance measurement in order to improve productivity of the organization.
As much as this may seem an important and key aspect of management, still it has a lot more difficulties associated with it. Some of the main factors that may make performance measurement to be more challenging are the measurement problems that make it impossible the supervisors (those in charge of the performance measurement) to tell the juniors or subordinates that they are below the average standards.
How should the organization deal with such situations? In order for organizations to do performance measurement well, then they should carefully study the job, systematically and scientifically, in order to determine the nature and characteristics of the job, knowledge, skills and experience required for the successful performance of the job.
They should collect all the vital information related to the job. They should then look at the specific individual tasks that comprise the job and qualifications necessary to do the job. This is called job analysis that involves determining the content of the job in terms of what the worker is expected to do, methods and techniques used, and lastly, the conditions and skills required for the job.
For proper job measurement, the management must adopt the following process and the methods of job measurements that follow:
Management should identify and isolate the component tasks of the job.
They should examine when, why and the tasks are done.
Find out the duties and responsibilities involved in the job.
Identify the working conditions involved in the job.
Determine the demands which the job has on the job holder.
Know the job relationships.
After gathering all these, management can now use the methods of job measurement to know whether the job is being done s it is supposed to be done. The various methods of job measurement include:

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Objectives and Measurement
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Performance rating
Critical incident
Performance Rating

Under performance rating values such as creativity, initiative, dependability, knowledge etc assigned to the job and the rating is presented on a scale like this and questions are asked.
To what extent does this person demonstrate creativity and then the scores given for the question give the rating of the employee.
This method has a number of problems like:
a) Managers may be inclined to give everyone a high rating and hence failure to differentiate them.
b) Managers may tend to be influenced by most recent performance rather than general performance.
Critical Incident
Good and bad performance incidents are recorded at the end of the period. The more the good performance incidents the better the employee. The major problem is that this type of job measurement is comparative and qualitative and cannot determine the actual performance on the job.
Here the performance of the job is rated as per the objectives set at the begging of the period i.e. sales targets set as 15% and then the sale representative gets 15%, he will get a positive sales performance order and vice versa.
For this method of appraisal to be effective there must be a clear understanding between the employer and the employee at the point of setting the objectives. The authority and recourses necessary to achieve the objectives must be delegated to the managers.
Lnick F. John and WillinLee Ziegler, sales promotion and modern Merchandising, McGraw Hill.


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