Posted: May 28th, 2021


       A photograph of yourself (ensure it looks professional) and personal details (e.g. name, email address)
·         Cover Letter (~200 words) This cover letter introduces you and sets the scene in your portfolio. You can choose to do a general cover letter, describing yourself, your skills, and the kind of professional opportunities you are currently looking for (e.g. part-time work in a related field).
OR You can choose to find a current job advertisement for a graduate level position and focus your Cover Letter towards this position.
·         Resumé. A resumé is a concise overview of your previous work experience, education, and other qualifications or experiences from which you gained skills relevant to employment. Through Mahara, you should include supporting documentation (e.g. Scanned in copies of transcripts, certificates, other qualifications) as evidence of these achievements.
OR You can include a ‘Resumé Plan’ describing the experience you intend to gain by the time you graduate (you should choose this option if you are in your 1st year, have recently finished high school, and do not yet have much experience outside school). This resumé plan must align with your intentions for your 5 Year Plan – see below.
·         5 Year Plan (equivalent 2 A4 pages maximum) A template is available on Canvas to guide you for this component. Identify 3-5 goals that are important for your life over the next five years. Describe these regarding SMART goals and consider academic, professional, personal and skills-focussed goals. Describe your plans (the strategies and actions you will undertake over the next five years) to achieve these goals. Your ideas should be as specific as you can make them and be based on the knowledge of your industry gained from Assignment 1 and on evidence from other areas. Ensure that your goals and plans are realistic by discussing them with support services  (for example, Study Abroad, Study Skills, ) or contacts you may have in the industry. Incorporate this advice to give your plan more detail. For example, rather than merely stating “I want to improve my English language ability” visit the Study Skills website or speak to an ASK adviser in the library and include their suggestions for actions you could take to help you achieve this goal. For another example, rather than simply stating “I want to go overseas to study at a foreign university for a semester”, visit the Study Abroad office on campus and include their suggestions for actions you can take to help you achieve this goal. You should refer to these sources of advice in your plan itself.
·         A video introduction of yourself. A maximum of a 5-minute video introducing yourself and your aspirations for being a nurse. Professionally presented using professional language

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