Normalized Database Design Assignment

A relational database must be designed and normalized before it can be created, populated with data, and used. Database design depends on the business scenario(s) a database architect needs to model, but all relational database designs benefit from being normalized.
Download and follow the instructions on the Normalized Database Design document. NOTE: See Instructor’s Notes at the bottom of this section for clarification of the University’s requirements for this assignment!

Here’s the crux of the assignment.  
Fill out the last table on page 3 (the one with the UNF, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF headers) by doing the following:
1.   Create an un-normalized list of entities
1.   Identify nouns, which will be potential keys. Any ID numbers that uniquely identify something are potential keys.
2.   Identify repeating values. A class name, for example, may appear numerous times.
3.   Identify unique identifiers for the repeating values.
2.   Convert to 1NF
3.   Convert to 2NF
4.   Convert to 3NF
5.   Identify an appropriate name for the entity that will identify the 3NF column.

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