No Hindu, No Muslim, No Christian, We are just Indian.

Respected judges, respected teachers and dear audience. Today we gather here to celebrate one of the National festivals of India, it isRepublic day. It is a great opportunities for me, as you allowed me to share few words on this occasion.
On this day, it was January 26, 1950 we declared our country as a Republic country by adopting our own constitution. Actually, thepreparation of our constitution was over earlier than this date but we choose January 26 for this, because this date has its own significance earlier than this day. It was January 26, 1930 on the bank of river Ravi, our freedom fighters pledged to attain “Sampurna Swaraj” and started new agitations to make India freedom from the British Rule. So, on 1950 on this day we declared our India as a Sovereign, Democratic and Republic.
As this festival is related to our nation, it is celebrated all over our country. It celebrated in schools, colleges, government and nongovernment offices and industries. It becomes a public festival as every Indian celebrates it. On the eve of this day, our honourable President gives a message to the nation. In his/her message he/she analyses the achievements of government and gives indications towards the future plans of the government towards the welfare of our country.

All over the country people celebrates this festival. In national capital Delhi, there is a grand celebration. People from every corner of the country come here to participate in the grand Republic day celebration. The grand celebration occurs at the India Gate and Rajpath of New Delhi. The entire route is decorated with our national flags. Many foreign delegates also come to witness India’s progress on this occasion.
At the beginning of the celebration, our Prime Minister salutes the martyrs of soldiers who laid their life lives for our country on Amar Jawan Jyothi, at the India Gate. Then he moves towards the celebration…

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No Hindu, No Muslim, No Christian, We are just Indian.
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