Niki research paper

In order to address emerging threats and provide effective countermeasures, security teams must have visibility into their environment. One way of doing this is reviewing logs and data and making decisions based on the interpreted data.
Each student will create a research paper that should provide insight and substantive commentary on the topic of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). The Assignment is due Tuesday, November 26th by 11:59pm. The wordcount for this assignment is between 600-1000 words (for content only). Please be sure to submit original work only.
This homework assignment will contain a cover page and the following:
1. Introduction–Theimportanceofsecurityteamshavingawarenessandvisibilityinto their environment
2. DefinewhataSecurityInformationandEventManagement(SIEM)ishowandhowit helps security teams.
3. ProvidetwoadvantagesofhavingaSIEMversususingabasicsyslogserver
4. GivenabriefexampleofapopularSIEMcurrentlybeingusedtodayanddescribesome
of its key features.
5. Pleaseincludeasummary.
• You must use a minimum of six references total (maximum two from textbooks)
• APA formatting including in-text citations are required and written at a scholarly level
20% Grammar
50% Content (Quality) 20% Follow Instructions 10% References/citations
This homework assignment will be worth 100 points

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Niki research paper
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