Network Linux Comparison – Distributions

Outline There are a quite a few Linux distributions available that address a variety of functionalities within the operating system ( OS ). There are many factors to consider when deciding which Linux vendor to use and what distribution will suit your needs. According to DistroWatch there are 322 active distributions available in the database. The basic difference between the desktop version and the server version is the presence of a graphical user interface ( GUI ). This paper will provide basic information on Knoppix, list the top ten Linux distributions, and provide a comparison of Ubuntu, Red Hat, and Fedora.
Knoppix is an ideal option for new users. Knoppix is a low maintenance distribution that allows an individual to boot directly from a CD in order to sample the Linux environment. The user can run several different software applications and save files. More importantly, because Knoppix can be booted from a CD no actual installation takes place so there is no interruption with the existing operating system ( OS ). Ubuntu is one of the most popular versions of Linux and very user friendly.
The Ubuntu desktop version comes with three years of support, a graphical user interface ( GUI ) and the following applications installed: X, Gnome, and KDE. The server version does not utilize a graphical user interface ( GUI ) and relies on the end user utilizing the command line interface ( CLI ). The server version comes with Apache Web Server 2 and Bind 9. Red Hat Enterprise Linux was formally known as Novell Linux Desktop. Redhat offers a combination options to address end user needs, but concentrated in the server area. The server side offers two 9 2 ) or four ( 4 ) socket server options and the use of virtual guests.

Redhat Enterprise Desktop utilizes a layered defense system, plug-n-play support, is bundled with popular applications, which are interoperable with Microsoft counterparts. Fedora appears to be one of the more flexible versions. Fedora is an open project for Redhat and allows the end user to customize the installation and choose which services and applications to install. This feature allows users to choose exactly what is needed during installation to address their needs and is targeted for at home users. References Ten Most Popular Linux Distributions ttp://geektrio. net/? p=1404 Top Ten Distributions http://distrowatch. com/dwres. php? resource=major Which is the Best Linux Distribution for your Desktop http://www. labnol. org/software/best-linux-distros/12757/ DistroWatch Weekly http://distrowatch. com/weekly. php? issue=20120723 Linux Server Distribution http://www. bashton. com/linux-distribution-comparison/ Red Hat Enterprise Linux http://www. redhat. com/products/enterprise-linux/server/compare. html Frequently Asked Questions about the Ubuntu Server Edition https://help. ubuntu. com/community/ServerFaq

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Network Linux Comparison – Distributions
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