Posted: June 27th, 2021

Need repsonse to discussion for MAT 232 Statisical Literacy have to be 2 seperate answers details below:

Examples of knowing variation:
Me and my uncle play golf almost every weekend. I could not think of a better example to explain variation than golf because there are so many different types of clubs that you use to get different results. When you start on a 5 par hole you will usually use your driving club first because you need to go as far as you can down the green to start. Then depending on how far you hit the ball you might want to use a “wood” to get you closer to the green. Then you might need to use a chipping wedge if you did not get onto the green itself and then finally you would use your putter. The example I just used was for someone who is pro because from my experience you use a lot more than just those four clubs in one hole. That is what is so amazing about golf! You have nearly 15 different clubs to choose from depending on what type of shot you need. If this is not variation than I do not know what is. 

Give some practical uses of knowing variation. 
According to the text, Variation is “a measure of how much the data values are spread out” (Bennett, Briggs, & Triola, 2014). It is useful to use variation to be able to provide relevant and purposeful comparisons  between a great extent or size of something (three groups or more) that is being analyzed or researched. For example you can use variations to compare low prices in Carry-Out restaurants as mentioned in Video 4 so that an individual will be aware of how much they are projected to spend, or another example “the strength of a certain part to see if there is a problem with a manufacturing machine; clothing manufacturers need to know the distribution of sizes, in this given example workers would have to be familiar with what variance of clothing sizes are worn by different age groups. Knowing this information from both examples allows you to make statements in regards to where the variation begins and ends providing information on what lies between point A and B.

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Need repsonse to discussion for MAT 232 Statisical Literacy have to be 2 seperate answers details below:
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